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Swing Lamp by Alain Berteau for Aluci.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Swing Lamp is an iconic, durable and eco-friendly led table lamp designed by Belgian designer Alain Berteau for Belgian brand Aluci. Its sleek geometric design has an unmistakable finesse that will surely appeal to the fans of minimalism.

The Swing Lamp consists of three sections that are pinned together at their intersections. This arrangement makes Swing an extremely versatile table lamp, offering 270° adjustability from compact side lamp to desk lamp position. It is entirely made from aluminum and uses LEDs as a light source, thus offering low power consumption and long life expectancy. Moreover the intensity of the light and the color temperature were calibrated for office use and reading. So the LEDs do not produce the usual pure white light, instead they produce a warmer light which is “softer” to the eyes.

However apart from its technical and practical characteristics, the Swing Lamp stands out primarily for its uniquely “sharp” styling. It looks like a geometric absolutely minimalist sculpture which celebrates the beauty of simplicity.

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