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Photo Collages by Danil Polevoy.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Ukrainian photographer Danil Polevoy except for remarkable photographs also creates amazing photo collages which blend modern symbols with images of the past.

Yoda from Star Wars turns into a medieval knight, Abraham Lincoln becomes a symbol of McDonalds, Darth Vader assumes the form of a cleric and Spiderman becomes an army officer.

Some symbolisms are quite obvious, while others are perceived at a second thought. You can enjoy some of Danil Polevoy’s most impressive collages after the jump, and interpret the message your own way.

Danil Polevoy’s work is remarkable on two levels. Firstly, his ability to blend photos is particularly impressive. While it is apparent that it is a collage, the posture and expression of the characters are perfectly matched and the modern elements really blend into the picture. Secondly the matching of the symbolisms is really superb, as the imaginary heroes and villains find their way into our reality in a very unique way.

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