Home Architecture Shanghai Expo 2010 gives birth to Architectural Landmarks.

Shanghai Expo 2010 gives birth to Architectural Landmarks.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
British Pavilion Shangai Expo

Shanghai Expo 2010 opened its gates last April. Each country held its own pavilion, whose structure reflected the local modern architectural style and trends. The result of the competition among the countries was no less than impressive as many of these pavilions evolved into architectural masterpieces.

In our opinion the UK pavilion was particularly special, known as the “Seed Cathedral”. The name derives from the fact that the pavilion was built by numerous translucent rods, each of which contains a seed of a plant.

It is also remarkable that many Eastern European countries presented some stunning specimens of architecture such as the Polish pavilion, the Russian pavilion and the Serbian pavilion. Enjoy some indicative specimens below:

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