Home Art Ripple Series Tables that Freeze Time by Lee j.Rowland.

Ripple Series Tables that Freeze Time by Lee j.Rowland.

by Anna Karataglidou

After a long term career in aircraft construction, Lee J. Rowland decided to apply his knowledge in mechanics in design and manufacturing of furniture that can be considered as works of art.

One of his creations is the Ripple Series. The series includes table that feature design that resembles the ripples that are formed when something drop into water. The construction is so realistic and flawless that seems like time froze at this exact time, adding timelessness to a natural phenomenon that usually lasts for seconds.

The Ripple Series tables are made of aluminium of the same type used in air-crafts. The final finish is done with the same process the parabolic mirrors of telescopes are polished, resulting to an ultimate sleek surface. Each table is a result of supreme mechanics and craftsmanship. All the pieces of the collection are sculptural and will give a dramatic note to any decoration.

Ripple Series includes tables of all sizes and shapes, from coffee tables to large conference tables. All objects by Lee J. Rowland are exclusively produced in very small quantities and handcrafted by the designer himself.

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