Progetti Jetlag Wall Clock by Riccardo Paollino & Matteo Fusi.

The Progetti Jetlag wall clock is a sleek and chic clock made of wood, with design inspired by the jet setting life so many of us live.

Designed by Riccardo Paollino Matteo Fusi this elegant clock actually has two watch faces, one with simple red lines and the other with red lines and the names of various cities, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Rome and London. The two hands are separate and the minutes on the left dial move as normal. However by moving the hour hand and aligning the red dot with the relevant city the local time is revealed. When it is 6 o’clock in London it is 7 in Rome and 9 in Moscow

No matter where you are in the world, you will know what time it is, in flawless style always.

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