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NUDE a minimalist ultra thin iPhone 5 case design.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
NUDE Ultra Thin iPhone 5 Case

NUDE is an ultra thin iPhone 5 case unlike any other in the market, it is unique in its class as it provides comprehensive protection while measuring in at a tiny 1mm thickness.

The NUDE iPhone 5 case by SwitchEasy is providing protection, while remaining thin enough to go completely unnoticed. At first glance it might a appear as a normal iPhone case, but upon closer observation you will notice the details that make all the difference. Details such as the covered side buttons that retain a nice tactile sensation and the color matched connector protector. So you don’t have to hide your shiny new toy inside an awkward looking plastic case. The With the NUDE iPhone 5 case is so discreet that your iPhone remains as naked as it can be!

This nice and minimalist iPhone 5 case comes in many different colors for all tastes, but our favorite choices are surely the transparent white and semitransparent black versions that expose each and every design detail found in Apple’s new baby. Of course we all know that a low quality transparent case can be an not-so-pleasant sight. But rest assured that this is not the case with NUDE. It is made from an unbelievably tough polycarbonate material is subjected to rigorous quality assurance procedures, so as to make sure that no lines or mold markings of any sort that will compromise the beauty of a clear case.

NUDE™ is the ultra thin fully protective case for your iPhone 5.

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