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Niche Bowl by Zaha Hadid for Alessi.

by Anna Karataglidou

Zaha Hadid’s work in architecture and industrial design has significantly influenced these two fields. Especially after 2004, when she became the first woman architect to win the Pritzker prize, the recognition and fame she acquired is beyond imagination.

Acquiring one of her buildings is an extremely slim chance, so one has to compromise by laying his hands on one of the bowls she designed for Alessi that look like small scaled models of her buildings. Niche is a ceramic bowl featuring five different pieces that can be used alone or altogether in a single composition. Niche bowl ‘s shape features the characteristic design of Zaha Hadid, and is pleasing to the eye and compelling to touch.

Furthermore it is rather flexible in use, as it can be used for serving snacks, as a fruit bowl and even as an office supplies bowl. But I believe its use is just an excuse for someone to acquire it. The true value of the Niche bowl is the fact that it is a domestic use sculptural piece that features the design signature of one of the most important contemporary architects.

Niche bowl is made of ceramic material in a matte anti-scratch finishing, soft in touch. It looks as a 3D puzzle game and offers variation in its placement. Of course, as it is not that easy to re-construct the pieces to their original place, a small helpful diagram has been carved on its bottom. Niche bowl is a part of Alessi’s Officina collection.

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