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The new MacBook Air with Flash Memory.

by Anna Karataglidou

For some purely functional electronic devices, such as computers and gadgets, it is very unusual to set classic and timeless design standards. The reason is that their technology develops so fast that shortly after their introduction to the market they are considered outdated.

Apple’s MacBook Air is one of the few exceptions to the above rule. Presented in 2008, MacBook Air is still considered to be a design highlight. After a static period of two years with just a few insignificant changes, the time for a new edition arrived. So, in this year’s Apple’s “Back to Mac” conference that took place in October 20th the New MacBook Air was presented to the world!

The most important feature of the New MacBook Air was the replacement of the hard drive with a Flash Storage Memory one, the same featured on the iPad. This technology was applied for the first time on a laptop computer to ensure high speed, and long lasting battery autonomy, and something most laptop users will certainly appreciate: the ability to switch on and off in no time, just with the press of the button – smartphone style.

The new MacBook Air seems to mark the beginning of an era where computers will switch on/off rapidly, without wasting the user’s time for restart or booting. Finally, an equally important feature is the wider approach that Apple wishes for the new MacBook Air, and the rest of the Air line. For this reason they are lowering the price of the new MacBook Air starting from 999$ (US price).

Aesthetically the improvements of the design are small but well appreciated. The USB hubs are now well adjusted in the aluminum cell and not folded, as they used to be. The new MacBook Air’s profile is wedge like and slightly more angular for a more dynamic design. For more portability the new MacBook Air is available not only with the classic 13 inches wide screen, but also with an 11 inch wide version with a minimum weight of 1.06 kg.

Concerning the performance, the incorporated graphics card has been updated from an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M to a NVIDIA GeForce 320M. According to Apple this change delivers graphics more than two times better than the previous one. The amazing screen with LED backlight remains the same, while the processor is still the Intel Core 2 Duo. The versions start from 1.4GHz with a 3MB Cache for the 11 inch new MacBook Air and reaches 1.86MGz with a 6MB cache. For full technical characteristics visit the Apple website

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