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Awesome Lace Bracelets by Sandra Bautista.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Sandra Bautista Bracelaces

“Bracelaces” are a stunning collection of unique lace bracelets with a very feminine and elegant style by Spanish designer Sandra Bautista.

The Bracelaces are so light and elegant that they look fragile. Their fine construction makes them appear valuable (although the truth is that they are extremely affordable) while the semi transparency, that reveals the skin beneath them, adds this dose of mystery that makes them so seductive.

A very unique and versatile accessory by Sandra Bautista, which looks beautiful and dramatic at the same time. The Bracelaces will complement any type of outfit and they look equally good with vintage or modern clothing.

These Fragile bracelets are hand made out of lace and they are lined with super thin leather strips. The fastener consists of an adjustable metal chain with a glass bead as a finish and it allows for easy adjustment of the bracelets length.

They are available in varying colors and widths.

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Celine 12/02/2019 - 16:31

Hi can i order those bracelets??


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