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Mutewatch digital watch, high-tech minimalism.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Mutewatch is a futuristic digital wristwatch, which combines modern minimalist design with cutting edge technology and unique features.

At first glance it looks like an oversized wristband, however beneath the surface lies a concealed touch sensitive LED display. One gentle touch and the wristband will come to life transforming itself into a stylish digital watch. Designed by Swedish firm “Mutewatch”, this modern wristwatch is a classic example of Scandinavian design, minimalist, elegant and practical.

The Mutewatch doesn’t have buttons, all functions are controlled by the touch screen, keeping the design simple and elegant. Its awesome features include built-in alarm and timer, light sensor for automatic adaptation of the display’s light intensity, motion sensor and a USB port for charging. However the most important feature is the silent vibrating alarm function, which will wake you up, but not everyone else around you, hence the name Mutewatch. Surely one of the smartest and most stylish wristwatches at this price range.

The whole concept was born when Mai-Li Hammagreen wanted to find a solution to avoid waking up her boyfriend every morning, as he worked late nights as film photographer. She got in touch with a design engineering student, Oscar Ritzén Praglowski and together with Gustav Hammargren, they founded Mutewatch back in 2008. The goal was to create a quiet alarm-clock that will act as a personal time management tool, while respecting other people’s time. The solution to the problem was the innovative silent vibrating alarm used by the Mutewatch.

As expected during the process of developing the watch, many more functional innovations found their way to the final product. For example the built-in motion sensor will intensify the vibrating alarm when a high level of movement is detected. The LED display will automatically dim itself to conserve battery, while the built-in USB port in addition to its charging function can also be used for future firmware upgrades.

Mutewatch watches are elegant and at the same time sophisticated, ideal time management tools for the style-conscious and tech-savvy individual.

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