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Mazzo Curtain Collection by Jeroen Vinken.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Mazzo Curtain Collection by Jeroen Vinken

Dutch Designer and artist Jeroen Vinken has recently presented a special series of curtains bearing the name Mazzo (meaning bouquet in Italian).

Apart from their stunning colors and their vivid dynamic patters, Vinken’s curtains also stand out due to the sophisticated manufacturing process. The weaving technique is done via computer-driven machinery and the creation of colors does not require the use of colored weft threads for each color. The material is made using the jacquard weaving technique whereby designs are created by the binding system and are therefore woven-in. It is woven using 3, or maximum 4, different colored weft threads on mid-grey warp yarn. Allowing the weft threads to come to the surface, to a greater or lesser degree creates secondary colors.

The result is similar to that produced by a printer, as just 4 threads can create a palette of 190 different colors. In addition this method allows the creation of very complex patterns. Jeroen Vinken utilized this unique manufacturing technique top its full potential, and by making ingenious color combinations, has produced some really stunning curtains.

The quality characteristics of this production method are ideal for furniture textiles and curtains, since it allows creation of particularly complex patterns while the fabric remains indelible and durable. Vinken’s curtains are an ideal showcase of these new technological capabilities. Moreover since the patterns are designed digitally, further digital alteration of the original design can easily create countless new designs, ready for immediate production.

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