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LightSKIN built-in Bicycle LED Tail Light.

by Anna Karataglidou
LightSKIN Bicycle Built-In LED Tail Light

Korean brand LightSKIN created an innovative LED bicycle tail light that combines elegant aesthetics and usability.

Behind the creation of this built-in tail light is a user’s simple habit: in order to store and protect something valuable we safekeep it into some sort of storage unit. The common bicycle tail lights are always add-ons prone to accidents. They can easily get damaged or knocked over, not to mention that they can easily get stolen. Compared to existing tail lights, LightSKIN has numerous advantages. Without protruding parts, it has little risk of being damaged. Additionally, whereas the existing tail lights are susceptible to theft because they are easily spotted, LightSKIN enjoys a low possibility of being stolen. Aesthetically, the simple and minimal design allows it to fit to all types of bicycles and has earned LightSKIN a “red dot design award” for best product design in 2010.

LightSKIN integrated LED-lights in one unit that can be easily fitted into the seatpost, using a unique technique able to stabilize completely the LED circuit inside it, regardless of its size. In LightSKIN the designers gave special emphasis to the support that the seat should provide to the biker and thus created a very simple, minimal design for their bicycle built-in tail lights, that ensures maximum durability and functionality of the seatpost.

The LED circuit is an original invention of LightSKIN, awaiting patent approval. It is highly waterproof thanks to a silicone “pad” silicone behind the LED bulbs and works with simple AA batteries. It has a durability of 50 hours (the 5 LED lighted in intensity 5) up to 400 hours (the 3 LED lighted in intensity 3). To minimize the holes in seatpost, the LightSKIN applied the switch to the first lens LED, facilitating the product use.

If you wish to use LightSKIN you can either buy a bike that already has it on, buy a saddle with LightSKIN built-in, or visite one of the  several locations where you can have your own seatpost modified to use LightSKIN.

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