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Lightframe Wooden Pendant Lamp by Herr Mandel.

by Anna Karataglidou
Lightframe Geometric Wood Pendant Lamp by Herr Mandel

The geometric-shaped Lightframe pendants light by German designer Herr Mandel impresses with its simple design and the main concept: light in the epicenter.

They are made from thin wood strips that are joined together to form triangular frames. The overall shape is formed when four of those frames then clamp around the lamp cord with the aid of magnets. The exposed light bulb is framed by wooden strips that fold from the two dimensions to become a three-dimensional grid. The Lightframe pendant lights are not about hiding the bulb but rather showcasing it, as you would a picture in a frame.

The use of wood as main material gives a warm feeling, in contrast to its general minimalistic, graphic and stripped-to-the-basics design. Specifically, the frames are made of untreated oaken strips or oiled mahogany. The design of the whole structure is so open that the frame doesn’t impact the light much, almost the same with an exposed light bulb.

Herr Mandel is based in Hamburg and began exploring the world of interior decoration and design since the beginning of 2012. His passion was introduced with the first presentation of his work in 2010, in Hamburg, under the name Herr Mandel. His desire is to combine design, art and craft in a way that will satisfy the needs of those interested in his work, himself included. He was nominated as one of the 18 best new design talents in 2012 by the Architektur & Wohnen (A & W) magazine.

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An Verstraeten 01/11/2016 - 14:33

Does somebody know where I can buy the lightframe (Lightframe Wooden Pendant Lamp by Herr Mandel.)?


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