Japanese design T-Shirts by Bedwin & The Heartbreakers.

Tokyo based clothing label Bedwin & The Heartbreakers presents a unique collection of Japanese design T-Shirts which are the definite expression of minimal style. Most of the T-Shirts are monochrome with hints of color in small details. These high quality T-Shirts are 100% cotton and of course made in Japan.

Bedwin & The Heartbreakers takes references from classic American menswear and embodies the to design Japanese minimalism. The garments feature distinctive detailing that is subtle yet remarkable. Beautifully constructed, modern clothing with a hint of nostalgia

Founded in the fall of 2004 Bedwin & The Heartbreakers is the brainchild of Masafumi “Bebetan” Watanabe. The aim of the label is to create only timeless, durable apparel with a minimal look that the wearer will never tire of in their everyday life.

Indeed, with a focus on “paramount quality”, designer Masafumi Watanabe has been creating clothing for ordinary men whom exhibit unique individuality season after season.

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