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Unusual Desk, Kenn Desk by Kenyon Yeh for SELETTI.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Kenn Desk by Kenyon Yeh for SELETTI

The Kenn Desk, designed by Kenyon Yeh for Italian manufacturer SELETTI is a very unusual desk, with truly unique styling and flawless ergonomics.

There definitely a huge variety of desks to choose from with minimalist, retro, luxurious, or even industrial style, however the Kenn Desk is unlike any other desk and genuinely stands apart. Its design is eye catching, peculiar, yet functional re refreshingly original. At first glance it looks as if it came out straight of a cartoon! Random furniture parts stuck on each other. However upon closer observation this a highly ergonomic desk equipped with just about everything you will need. Drawers, cabinet, document shelves, even a built-in table lamp!

The selection of white color together with natural wood legs give a minimalist touch to the piece. It is impressive actually that such a complex design with so many different parts, still maintains a sleek minimalist form. Another remarkable feat are the various customizations options cleverly embedded into the design.

The supporting shelf can be arranged in two different ways depending on the user’s needs, it can be configured either as an open shelving unit or a cabinet with a door. Furthermore the drawers unit can swap sides with the supporting shelving unit and finally you can adjust its length at will using the exact same tabletop.

The Kenn Desk Is a fine addition to the SELETTI Kenn collection.This unusual desk preserves the original unique Kenn design elements, which are the classic leg, shelf and the drawer part, yet it improves on the original concept with its modularity and clever configuration options. A uniquely ergonomic desk with distinctive experimental styling.

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