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Hyper Realistic Paintings by Matteo Mezzetta.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

French-Italian Painter Matteo Mezzetta created a series of hyper realistic paintings, executed in oil on canvas.

Matteo Mezzetta lives and works between Lyon and Milan and his impressive paintings are so realistic, than the viewer can barely distinguish them from a photograph. He captures people, animals, machines, even whole sceneries of everyday life, which are reproduced with stunning detail. He has a taste for movement and finds beauty in everyday life. Although some of his paintings appreciate the stillness of objects, it is those paintings that portray people and animals which fascinate viewers the most.

It is rare for any of his subjects to stand still. His work is characterized by the element of movement, while the monochromatic colors further enhance the dynamic atmosphere of his paintings. Mezzetta’s style also has an integral element of modernity, as he is mostly capturing moments set-up in contemporary environments.  Check out more of his impressive work after the jump.

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