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Hansa Hansalatrava Electronic Faucet.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Hansa Hansalatrava Electronic Faucet

The Hansalatrava faucet by Hansa is characterized by chic architectural design and unique technological innovations.

Designed by Bruno Sacco and Reinhard Zetsche, it is simple, chic and minimalist, but also equipped with state of the art technology. Hansalatrava sprays the water in such a way that creates a “water veil” that looks like a small diagonal waterfall. When one uses his personal small waterfall, he can also feel ecologically responsible as Hansa’s sophisticated water-guidance system consumes 40% less water than conventional faucets, through improved diffusion of water.

The temperature regulation is electronically controlled, while a built-in LED screen displays the water temperature using a color-coded blue and red scale.Hansa Hansalatrava has won many awards for design excellence, such as the “iF product design award” and the “Good Design” award.

Moreover this awesome contemporary faucet is operated via a touch control interface and there is also built-in overflow circuit protection that cuts off the water supply in case you you forget the tap running

Lastly, in case you are wondering, the impressive washbasin shown in the picture is also made by Hansa and was specially designed to match the Hansalatrava faucet. It is 90 cm wide, made from the innovative mineral material MINACOR and complements perfectly the angular, geometric style of the faucet.

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