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FF1 Armchair by Fox & Freeze.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
FF1 Armchair

The FF1 armchair looks like a delicate creation, but in reality it is incredibly durable. It is a product of cooperation between the two Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tomde Vrieze who joined their forces to create the design studio Fox & Freeze.

The FF1 is made out of a square piece of synthetic material felt. The square piece is folded in such a way that forms the chair, without any loss of material, except for the drilled holes used to attach the rope that stabilizes the construction.

According to its creators, the FF1 design is characterized by pure lines and detail to structural cohesion which offers the seat strength and solidity, while the detail with the connecting ropes adds the final touch to a functional and inspired design.

Watch HERE the video that shows the designers abusing the FF1 armchair by literally jumping on it without any problem, it is really impressive.

The soft material construction and the exceptional solidity and durability which characterize the FF1 render it suitable for you who have the habit of jumping on your furniture or for those who have Lilliputian flatmates with such habits.

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