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Frozen Vases by Studio 4p1b for De Vecchi Milano.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Frozen Vases

Studio 4p1b and De Vecchi Milano 1935 created a series of impressive sculptural vases whose forms depend on the expansion of water inside them.

When the vases are cooled to 273 degrees kelvin (0 degrees celcius), the water turns into ice and gives form to the vase. All the initial forms are identical, but the end result is completely original. Every vase is entirely unique, as water always expands in subtly different ways. Each piece of the collection has a form, which cannot be designed but comes itself, is so unique even if following all the same process.

The frozen vases are made by semi-industrial artifacts with simple and powerful geometries. Each raw metal volume is coated in silver, adding a touch of elegance but more importantly highlights the intricacies of the surface’s contours as it reflects slightly distorted representations of its environment.

4p1b is a creative office operating within the product and interior design.
Together with innovative companies (in this case De Vecchi Milano 1935), they research and develop formal solutions, functional and commercial innovation.

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