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Facet Pattern Mirror Artworks by Arik Levy.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Facet Pattern Mirror Artworks by Arik Levy

Prolific designer Arik Levy presents a series of Mirror Artworks that blend a multitude of different materials into one thrilling composition.

The series is named “Facet Patterns” and includes a number of limited production variations. The reflecting surface is made of shining metal sheets. Depending on the type of metal every mirror produces a different kind of reflection. Copper produces a deep orange image, brass a gold one and stainless a silver manifestation of reality.

Each mirrored surface is presented as layer, underlined by a number of other contrasting materials such as marble, corian and granite. Each Facet Pattern is a unique artwork in it own right, illustrating how different materials can blend into one coherent and beautiful combination.

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