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Design Door Handles by Marc Newson & Matali Crasset for erreti.

by Anna Karataglidou

Erreti is an Italian company that manufactures aluminum systems for industrial uses and architectural projects. Their product range varies from space dividers, seats, furniture hardware, railings and an exceptional collection of door handles.

Their most impressive, in design terms, door handles are all included in one collection branded under the title “Collections” and immediately caught our eye with their modern and bold design lines. Between the various models a pair stood out. The DH model that has been designed by famous Australian designer Marc Newson and the FLUX05 designed by the eccentric French Matali Crasset.

The designs of both models are simple and clean, with common feature the deduction of material from their middle. Newton design is more clear and laconic, while Crasset’s is a little more “joyful” due to the separate middle part that offers a two-colored option to the overall result. Both of them are truly unique contemporary design artifacts.

Erreti offers huge flexibility regarding the production processes and offers unlimited finishes and colors by order. Glossy, matte, brushed and more, the metal is chemically colored by anodizing, which offers permanent and indelible colors. Finally, erreti gives you the option to design and produce your own door handle, just in case you do not like the existing range.

Both models are available in various versions in order to fit in any door type, interior, exterior and glass doors, windows or terrace doors. Erreti door handles will definitely give a high quality design detail to any architectural project. After all, beauty is in the details.

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