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Cornell Boxes by Alison Smithson for Tecta.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
ornell Boxes by Alison Smithson for Tecta

Designed by British architect Alison Smithson in 1988 the Cornell Boxes are an ingenious way to store and showcase your favorite objects in flawless artistic style.

They were inspired by the work of American artist and sculptor Joseph Cornell, whose most characteristic art works were boxed assemblages created from found objects. The Cornell Boxes are simple and ingenious at the same time. They are thematic displays that showcase your favorite thingies, creating at the same time small thematic presentations, a more modern and fun interpretation of the old boring decorative wall boxes. So take your favorite little things out of the dusty drawers and put them out on display for everyone to see.

The Cornell Boxes were put into production in 2010 by the German brand Tecta and come in three different variations, a single table version, a single floor standing version and a double floor standing version. The table version sits on a nickel plated turntable base, while the floor standing versions are sitting on top of black lacquered iron frames. These elegant open-fronted units have little shelves slotted into them and are made of lacquered wood.

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