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Blueant Pump HD Wireless Waterproof Sportsbuds.

by Anna Karataglidou
Pump HD Blueant

The wireless waterproof sportsbuds Pump HD by Blueant use Bluetooth technology to produce HD sound quality under …wet circumstances. With a military grade IP67 waterproof rating, these sleek earphones are ideal for use by athletes that need music to set the beat.

Technology has proved that wires are obsolete. Especially during sports where your concentration needs to be focused on important things like pace, breathing or simply clearing up your mind, the last thing one needs is fighting with tangled wires. With sweat, rain and water involved in many sports activities the Pump HD wireless sportsbuds by Blueant seem to be a great option. They are specially designed for running, training and cycling.

Blueant Pump HD wireless waterproof sportsbuds are rated to withstand water immersion for 30 minutes in up to 3 meters depth. Truth be told as the Bluetooth signal loses strength while being underwater, using them while swimming is not a valid purchase reason, yet is gives and indication of just how robust these earphones are. The waterproof feature is still very useful though mainly for the sweat and rain, as a bonus it means you can rinse them super clean after use.

Additionally, the wireless Pump HD sportsbuds can be used as a normal Bluetooth headset to answer calls. They are equipped with battery is good for up to 8 hours, more than enough for any sports activity. Their sleek design is primarily appropriate for athletes that demand lightweight and comfortable solutions, yet its minimal lines and high tech design details are appealing to any design conscious consumer.

The Pump HD wireless sportsbuds by Blueant are available in three different color combinations.

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