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Black & White digital LED clock by Vadim Kibardin.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Black & White digital clock by Vadim Kibardin

The Black & White digital clock by Russian designer Vadim Kibardin is stripped off of anything superfluous, providing a focus and simplicity on time measurement.

It consists of four independent figures made from polycarbonate and illuminated using LED technology which combines excellent luminosity and extremely low power consumption. This unique wall clock follows the extremely minimalist philosophy of stripping an object to its bare essentials, it contains only one crucial element, the indication of current time.

Each digit includes a self-contained power supply and independent control, the user configures each digit to show hours, minutes or seconds, and when placed together they show current time. The figures can be fixed to any surface autonomously. However the best bit is the built-in light sensor that automatically inverts the display color, the digits become white in the dark and black during daytime.

At present the Black & White Clock is just an awesome looking concept, however Vadim Kibardin and Kibardindesign are researching for potential partners in order to put the Black & White clock into production.

Update 29/07/2013: This brilliant LED digital wall clock is now in production, the finished product is slightly different than the first prototype, yet it remains one of the most impressive digital wall clocks available. More info at our e-shop.

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