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Bird lamps by Zhili Liu.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Nature has become a source of inspiration for some of the most creative ideas. A typical example are the bird lamps by Chinese designer Zhili Liu.

Liu’s lamps remind of birds in iconic poses, such as for example the “Dove” model in the above photo, which creates associations with the familiar image of doves sitting on power lines. Liu’s birds really could not be simpler, they are an assortment of standard plain bulbs, but their arrangement is so well thought, that once the spectator listens to the name “bird Lamps” his mind immediately makes the connection.

Liu follows a clearly minimalist philosophy and prefers simple and lightweight shapes. At the same time he aims at using the minimum required materials, promoting in this way a responsible natural resource management.

The “Bird Lamps” series includes three models, the “Dove” the “Sparrow”, housed in its own airy glass cage and the “Nightingale” which is essentially a whole cluster of bulbs, representing a flying flock of birds.

The “Bird Lamps” are made from common bakelite, just like regular cheap bulb sockets, used widely worldwide. Liu’s choice of material is consistent with his vision is to offer inexpensive and stylish pendant lamps, therefore making his awesome designs accessible by everyone. The lamp socket is standard E27 type and is compatible with conventional incandescent lamps, economy lamps, LED lamps or any other kind of lamp with an E27 socket.

“Bird Lamps” are still in prototype state, let’s hope that Zhili Liu will obtain the resources to put them into production in the near future.

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