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Amp Lamp by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen.

by Olga Katsiou
Amp Lamp by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Amp is a sophisticated range of lamps designed by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen this distinctive retro look is inspired by old tube amplifiers from the 1960s.

The Amp Lamp is characterized and defined by its luxurious materials. Simon Legald decided to use high-quality natural materials for his new creation, glass and marble, two timeless materials blended perfectly together.

The peculiar shape of the Amp Lamp was inspired from a 1960’s radio that as was usual back then, used lamps for amplification. The lamps’ oval shape and soft glow is a reference to these classic amplifier lamps. We are sure that whoever has used vintage radios or amplifiers will surely spot the similarity instantly!

Legald has visually highlighted all the essential details, such as the way the shade rests on the socket. This details also draws attention to a practical aspect, the shades are easily for changing bulbs and cleaning.

The contrast of materials was an idea that worked particularly well. The fragility and delicacy of glass blends with the robust heaviness of marble, and add a contemporary aspect to the nostalgic feel of the Amp Lamp. Moreover, the Amp Lamp does not have a plastic cord, it comes with a nice and thick textile cord that supplements the “natural quality materials” theme. The final touch is the beautiful retro-styled decorative bulb emits a stunning glow though glass lampshades, making a stunning contrast to the heavy marble.

For the construction of the Map Lamp Legald used the same type of glass that is used in hourglasses, as the shape had to be curved, letting the light shine from the decorative bulb in all directions and creating a warm and pleasant atmosphere with its golden hued light.

The design is consistent with the creator’s philosophy, yet new and original. In his designs, Simon Legald likes to define the identity of objects carefully. He also likes to combine aesthetics with functionality. “In my design I try not to add any unnecessary details”, he notes, “I work with simplicity by highlighting the necessities instead of hiding them.”

Amp lamps come in two color combinations, black marble with smoke colored glass and green marble with golden glass. There are also two variations, the Amp table lamp and Amp ceiling lamp.

The table version is a sleek table lamp that creates an atmospheric effect. It comes with a dimmer switch for adjustable lighting as standard. Placed next to your sofa, in a side table, or even in a corner of the living room, this is a fine looking decorative element that will fill the room with a warm relaxing glow.

The pendant version of the Amp Lamp takes up less space visually, allowing for many different applications in the home. Hang one Amp Lamp in the hallway, or create a cluster of Amp Lamps over your dining room table for modern ballroom effect.

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