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Alivar Shangai Bookcase by Giuseppe Bavuso.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Alivar Shangai Bookcase by Giuseppe Bavuso

The Shangai bookcase, designed by architect Giuseppe Bavuso for Alivar is a unique furniture that was inspired and fabricated just like a modern architectural landmark.

The slanted shelves create a graceful composition that is both practical and pleasant to look at, while its unique styling combines an organic feel with modern sharp lines. This beautiful piece of modern design is made using top of the line technology. The bookcase’s external structure is in thermo-treated oakwood, while the inner shelves are instead made in MDF and are coated with Ductal® Cement, a high-technology material ensures which the durability of the product for at least 50 years. Among other advantages, thanks to the use of Ductal the bookcase’s color will not change, even when exposed to the sun.

Ductal® Cement is the result of years of research by Lafarge, one of the top cement producing companies worldwide. This advanced cement mixture has exceptional technical qualities. It contains metal fibers that make it ductile. With a structural strength 10 times higher than traditional concretes, it can resist bending and can withstand major transformations (such as pressure or dilation) without breaking. Also it is resistant to external aggressions such as abrasion, pollution, weathering and scratching. Its longevity is 2 to 3 times longer than that of conventional concrete. Moreover is it is ultra-resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage, its resistance is 6 to 8 times greater than that of conventional concrete. Finally thanks to its organic fiber composition, Ductal may be recycled as aggregate at the end of its life cycle.

The inner MDF shelves are formulated with DUXILON® process. A patented process of wood manufacturing which allows the creation of curved shapes with rounded edges and different thicknesses, to create modern and basic shapes but also multiform ones. Using the innovative DUXILON® process manufacturers can model and shape panels to create soft and original shapes, with no visible joints and with different thicknesses, not feasible with traditional technologies up to now.

With the Shanghai bookcase, Alivar merges innovative design and superior materials to produce a beautiful, durable piece. An excellent piece of furniture for all the fans of modern architecture, one that combines the aesthetic and structural characteristics of a modern building.

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