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3D art by Yuki Matsueda.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Japanese artist Yuki Matsueda creates breathtaking 3D art by taking complimentary elements from the image, extruding them off the background and encompassing them in acrylic.

With modern art becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, many artists are trying to differ by adding more and more elements into their artworks. Yuki Matsueda however lets the elements escape from his artworks. The end result is amazing and the optical trick crates a unique visual effect. The main symbolism of Matsueda’s artworks is the need to escape from a two dimensional “limited” world and expand into more dimensions. The little green exit guy is sprinting out of his frame, while the eggs jump of their shell.

However at the same time there is an intense energy surrounding Matuseda’s work, as the “escaping” objects appear frozen in the midst of exploding toward the viewer. The 32-year-old Japanese artist graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2010 with a PhD in design and began producing his dimension-defying works soon after. As well as receiving high praise in Japan, Matsueda’s work has also been exhibited in Korea and the USA, becoming more popular day after day.

Yuki Matsueda has received numerous prizes for his exciting 3D art, including the prestigious 2009 Nippon Paint Design Center Award.

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