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Yozakura Sake Set by Kennedy James.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Yozakura Sake Set by Kennedy James

Yozakura is a beautiful Sake Set designed by artist Kennedy James, its poetic form is inspired by cherry blossoms.

Yozakura (lit. night Sakura) is a Japanese tradition of enjoying the beauty of the Sakura (cherry blossom) at night by gathering under lighted trees to celebrate nature’s beauty and the arrival of spring with delicious sake and food.

This sake set is inspired by the Sakura pattern, the pentagon cup is carved as the blossomed flower and the carafe has an opening in the form of a Sakura petal drifting in the wind. The gold and silver cups are decorated with food safe luster.

Yozakura sake set captures the essence of cherry blossoms in a unique visual way. However it is not only the stunning design, once you learn its story the “ritualistic allure” it carries makes it even more special.

The Yokazura Sake Set is so delicate and beautiful, that upon looking it for first time nobody will imagine it is intended for drinking with. The carafe could easily be mistaken for a beautifully crafted vase, while the small, delicate glasses resemble luxurious little bowls. With this unique creation, Kennedy James not only commemorates a proud Japanese Tradition but also brings to the market a well-crafted serving set that is a great way for anyone to connect with Japanese culture.

You can pre-order the Yozakura Sake Set at the artist’s web store.

Kennedy James is a French artist & designer, most notably recognized for her Serial Bondage installations. Her work has been exhibited at the MoMA of Shanghai, Triennale Design Museum of Milan, WIELS Contemporary Art Center of Brussels, Yamamoto Gendai in Tokyo, Casoria Contemporary Art Museum of Naples, Rosario Museum of Contemporary Art of Santa Fe (Argentina), Salon du Dessin Contemporain of Paris and Nuit Blanche of Paris.

The artist has a peculiar fascination with traditional and modern Japanese culture and is intrigued by its ancestral folklore and rituals. This has had an enduring influence on her body of work. Through anthropomorphic subjects, her work explores the human psyche, the animal/human duality and eroticism.

“And the seventh face… the Stranger was neither male or female, yet both, ever the outcast, the wanderer from far places, less and more than human, unknown and unknowable. […] A shadow with stars for eyes.”– George R. R. Martin

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