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WONDER BOX a clever multifunctional kids furniture by Richard Lampert.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Wonder-Box Table and Bench by Richard Lampert

The Wonder Box was designed by Monica Förster for German furniture manufacturer Richard Lampert and it is a clever kids furniture that demonstrates what multifunctionality can do.

At first glance, Wonder Box appears to be a minimalist monochrome cube, when in fact it’s a table and matching bench that fit perfectly one into the other, forming a compact block. On further inspection, the duo presents many more practical details and additional functions. On the one side, the rotating tabletop can be used as a writing desk and on the other side, the special surface finish means it can be used as a blackboard. This little Wonder Box, looks adorable and offer many different functions, both Kids and Parents will love it……

Its design looks simplistic at first, but in fact it is loaded with well-thought details.  An integrated, roomy drawer offers more than enough space for writing instruments or toys. The tabletop is also equipped with a groove for keeping pens, pencils and crayons in. This little, wonder-furniture by Richard Lampert measures just 50 x 70 cm, an ideal size for small children.

Even when the little ones outgrow their tiny desk, it can always serve as a nice little bench with plenty of storage space inside. Simply brilliant!

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