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Wobble Chess Set by Adin Mumma for Umbra.

by Anna Karataglidou
Wobble Chess Set by Adin Mumma for Umbra

The Wobble Chess Set by Umbra is a unique wooden chess set composed of a chess board and a full set of chess pieces with unique and creative design. Chess certainly sharpens your mind and is widely recognized as a tool that gives users a rigorous mental workout, the Umbra Wobble Chess Set also sharpens your aesthetics

If you are a chess player you will surely love it for the motion and dynamism its adds to your game. Yet even merely a design lover, but clueless about chess, you might want to try it out and learn the popular strategy game!

The Umbra Wobble Chess Set is entirely made of wood and its special design feature is its wavy surface that causes the chess pieces to woggle on it. The chess pieces themselves are made of wood with a spherical metallic base that allows them to swing free on any surface.

This smart looking chess set is an innovative idea for refreshing this popular, ancient game, by adding motion to it. The Wobble chess set was designed by Adin Mumma for  design objects manufacturer Umbra. Umbra is based in Toronto, Canada and has been designing and producing innovative  industrial design products for more than thirty years!

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