Vento Sofa-Bed by Thomas Althaus for Die Collection.

The Vento Sofa by Thomas Althaus for Die Collection transforms into a comfortable bed fast and effectively, there you don’t even have to remove the cushions.

Moving away from the definition of single purpose units, modern furniture have evolved into multi-talent transformers that can save a lot of space by serving multiple functions. A perfect example is the smart and stylish Vento Sofa-Bed. Vento does away with the conventional approach of using metal joints and complicated mechanisms. It transforms into a solid double bed with one move, simply by rotating one of the large main cushions next to the other main cushion. As an extra bonus the bed comes equipped with a practical built-in side table, for the comfort of your guests.

Thomas Althaus came up with a very solid design that can be a valuable space saver for studios and smaller places, or even a flexible bed for those long nights in the office. The simplicity of the design is the key to success, the absence of moving parts guarantees longevity, while retaining an edgy modern feel. Vento Sofa-Bed is great for you and your guests.

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    • David Cernance

      Its rather very expensive thats why at a price of $8000 dollars.
      Vento Sectional Sofa Bed.

      Hope this helps you

  1. Andreas Rekopoulos

    It is not a secret Liva, drop us a mail at ( and we might be able to short it out for you. No promises but we sourced one in the past, It cost 3.876€ (VAT and transport inclusive) for the textile version, there is also a leather version which is significantly more expensive.

    This was back in summer 2013 though, current price might be slightly different.

    • Andreas Rekopoulos

      Dear Jennifer no promises, but we might be able to source this item for you. Send us an e-mail please at ( so that we can send you the PDF with the color and material choices.

      We will also need country and shipping address to calculate freight cost.

  2. Michael Chambers

    I’m interested in the Vento sofa/bed. Wondering if you can still source this for my client? Fabric samples/choices? Current price? Lead time?

    Thank you.

    • Andreas Rekopoulos

      Dear Sandra, no promises, but we might be able to source this item for you. It is not in stock, it is a special order item. Prices start at EURO 3.400 (price includes 23% VAT delivery charges are extra).

      All the best,

  3. David

    Dear Andreas,
    I am very interested in the acquisition of the Vento sectional sofa bed. Are you still able to source this item?
    Your efforts will be very much appreciated.

    Kindest regards,

    • Andreas Rekopoulos

      Dear David,

      Thank you for your interest (apologies for the late reply, it seems I missed your comment notification).

      Please drop us a mail at ( with your requirements and we will come back with a quote.

      All the best,


    Please Help me, I am very interested in the Vento Modular Sofa, But I have not had any luck in finding it to purchase on line. I also would like to know the dimensions and if there are color choices.. I have spent hours on line and have just been going in circles
    I anxiously await your reply.


  5. Vladimir Ashtamenko

    Hello Andreas,
    Please help me to locate the VENTO sofa so I will purchase it. I live in Palm Beach Gardens in the USA.
    Thank you.
    Vladimir Ashtamenko

    • Andreas Rekopoulos

      Dear Vladimir,

      Sorry to disappoint you but at present we don’t have access to this product. We are making an effort to find a new supplier as this product is on very high demand, but so far no luck.

      Do feel free to drop us a mail so that I have your email and I will surely let you know if we manage to source that elusive piece again.

      All the best,

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