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Valencia candle holders by Jaime Hayon.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Valencia Candle Holders by Jaime Hayon

The Valenica Candle Holders were designed by Jaime Hayon for Turkish brand Gaia & Gino and they stand out due to their sleek geometric pattern that combines modernity, elegance and luxury.

“The optical projects explores, through shapes, incisions and sanding, variations of light effect on crystal. The different techniques are used to invite or challenge light’s entry and create playful effects that allow us to discover the magic of light inside crystal structures.” All the patterns on Valencia collection are sandblasted by hand.

The design combines pure geometric shapes such as cubes, cylinders and hexagons, positioned one on top of the other in an asymmetrical layout. The result is a modern candle holder characterized by a discreet luxury.

The Valencia collection includes both conventional candle holders and small tea-light holders. The candleholders are available in 5 different shapes and the tealight holders are available in 4 different shapes.

Gaia & Gino was funded in 2004 and is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey. Despite beeing a relatively new company, Gaia & Gino has already collaborated with some of the many established designers, such as Arik Levy, Karim Rashid and Harry Allen, and has produced many design classics. It specializes in decorative objects made of crystal and glass and its designs have already won an impressive collection of important design awards such as: IDEA, Red Dot, DESIGN PLUS, Good Design and Design Management Europe.

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