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Tonelli Do-Mo Glass Side Table by Maurizio Castelvetro.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Tonelli Do-Mo Side Table

Designed by Maurizio Castelvetro, Tonelli Do-Mo is a contemporary wall mounted glass side table characterized by a distinctive minimalist elegance.

A new concept in glass design, Tonelli has a deep and lasting passion for research and experimentation, forging a philosophy that marries tradition and technology. The Do-Mo side table is a classic example of the Tonelli design approach, as it is fragile yet resistant, solid yet light, beautiful and functional

Consisting of a wooden drawer protruding from a 10mm thick glass front panel, the drawer fixes to the wall and appears to float in the air. The Tonelli Do-Mo side-table combines sharp and chic parts, which collectively create a floating illusion with ample functionality.

The glass panel is available in transparent or extra clear glass, the wooden drawer is available in the finishes black, wenge, bleached oak and cherry wood.

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