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Workout in style with Technogym Wellness Dumbbells.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Technogym Wellness Dumbbells

The Technogym Wellness Dumbbells look so stylish that even when not in use they are a sharp-looking decorative element.

When there is will and imagination, even the most mundane objects can acquire style and personality and thus be transformed into a decorative element. The Italians have a long tradition in industrial design more often than not they can add their own personal touch to any object they design. Therefore comes as no surprise that these awesome dumbbells are an Italian product. Technogym, a leading manufacturer of gym machinery is the maker of those sophisticated and stylish dumbbells.

The Technogym Wellness dumbbells series is so elegant that you do not need to hide them in closets or under your bed. They can be easily placed in any environment, from bedrooms to living rooms without being a decorative paradox. In addition, their storage stands are designed to occupy the smallest possible space.

In terms of quality and usability, the materials and finish are of course top-notch, but the final addition are the silicone protective coverings. Technogym took into account the fact that this product is intended for use at home and not at the gym. Thus the metal weight plates are coated with soft silicone, so if you do drop them while exercising, at least you won’t damage your floor.

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