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Flexible Take Time Wrist Watch by LEXON.

by Anna Karataglidou
Take Time Watch by LEXON

The funky Take Time flexible wrist watch by LEXON was designed by Mathieu Lehanneur in order to be the definitive smart multifunctional fashion gadget.

It can be worn in more than three ways and accompany you to all of your activities, formal and informal. Take time can be worn around your wrist as an explicit wrist watch, it can be wrapped around the straps of your bag, adorn the belt loops of your jeans, or even mounted at a bicycle handlebar. It is unisex, feather-light and one of the most easy to wear fashion accessories, as it comes in a comprehensive variety of color options.

The multiple ways the Take Time wrist watch can be worn are possible because of the ultra-flexible silicone strap and its smart loop-hole securing mechanism. Its design is inspired by the traditional pocket watches with chain that are now considered iconic antiques. Take Time wrist watch is inspired from this archetypical watch form, and reinvents the traditional pocket watch concept.

Mathieu Lehanneur comments on his source of inspiration being the old chained clocks and the pendant clock of Cuthbert Calculus. His designs are full of symbolism and Take Time watch is no exception. He wished to re-visit this form and bring it to the contemporary digital age, turning it into something fresh and modern, up to speed with 21st century aesthetics and lifestyle.

The Take Time watch concept was an immediate success, and a key element of the design was the use of modern materials. The soft silicone strap combined with a cost effective, yet accurate, watch mechanism product a striking result. The success of the original design resulted to an expansion of the Take Time collection with a number of variations. Namely the Take Time XL with a larger face, the Take Time Long with longer strap and the Take Time ALU which has an aluminum case.

As for the technical details, the Take Time Wrist watch is an analog watch with Quartz Miyota mechanism that has a water resistance of ATM3 and the renowed quality of all LEXON products.

Founded in Paris by Rene Adda in 1990, LEXON reflects a commitment to the highest level of functional design, represented in a collection of unique consumer products with emphasis is on design, quality, and value. Every year, fifty-five countries and museums of Modern Art throughout the world reinforce LEXON’s insight.

Graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers (French National School for Industrial Design) in 2001, Mathieu Lehanneur opened that same year his own studio dedicated to industrial design and interior architecture. Very soon has he been developing a real passion for interactions between the body and its environment, living systems and the scientific world. It is an exploration of natural and technical possibilities which permit him to produce objects which are equally functional and magical, as well as both strange and friendly.

He even collaborates with scientists and doctors to invent new ergonomics when confronted with our tangible challenges: to breathe better, to sleep better, to love better, to live better.

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