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T-square Hanger by Jennifer Rabatel.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
T-square Hanger Jennifer Rabatel

The T-square Hanger by French designer Jennifer Rabatel is a fascinating object with modern design, practicality and a unique mechanical charm.

In a sense this a gadget coat hanger, with a simple but amazing function. The T-square hanger is foldable and that way you can also adjust its geometry. You can easily shape it to hold a coat, a dress or a trouser and when not in use you simply fold it and it becomes a small compact piece.

The T-square has a blade that can slide 360 degrees onto a wooden plate. This ingenious system allows the hanger to be re-shaped and transform from a coat hanger to a trousers hanger. In order to enhance the stability of the trousers on the hanger, a hook was integrated in the part with the blade. T-square is an innovative hanger which combines functional and aesthetic value.

The design was inspired by precision calipers. According to Jennifer, “Somehow, I have always been fascinated with this object. I can’t help to notice both mechanical and aesthetic beauty in such tool. Designed to create and measure angles, I have used it so often that one day I used it to hang my coat and found the perfect angle for it. It became clear to me that I was looking at a very simple yet perfect shaped hanger for a coat.”

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