Home Technology Sound Band Wireless Headset delivers audio without obstructing ambient sound.

Sound Band Wireless Headset delivers audio without obstructing ambient sound.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Hybra Advance Technology Sound Band

Sound Band by Hybra Advanced Technology is a revolutionary Wireless Headset which delivers high-quality personal audio without obstructing ambient sound.

In order to achieve this impressive “game changing” feat Hybra Advanced Technology uses an impressive and innovative technical solution they call “surface excitation” technology. By utilizing this cutting edge sound production technology, Sound Band fits behind the ear, eliminating the need for traditional in-ear speakers and leaving the ear canal open to the ambient environment. The user experiences exceptional audio quality, with crisp treble and resonant bass, all while being able to carry on a conversation and remain aware of the world around them.

Except their defining advantage, the Sound Band Wireless Headset is also packed with a number of other practical features. The dongle, which houses the headset’s volume buttons and other controls, rests at the base of the user’s neck, away the ears. This design makes controls accessible while avoiding the uncomfortable “suction-cupping” of the ears, which is common in wireless headsets with controls at or very near the ear canal. Sound Band also features Waves Audio, a worldwide leader in recording studio software that guarantees clean high-fidelity sound. Finally on-board aptX audio compression effectively eliminates audio latency periods, providing real-time audio for a wide range of applications. Whether at work or play, Sound Band changes the game by establishing a new standard in personal audio electronics.

Sound Band is indeed a revolutionary product that represents a huge leap in headphone technology and the potential applications are countless. From seminars to automatic translators and museum tours, Sound Band wireless headphones create entirely new multitude of possibilities.

In the words of Hybra Advance Technology:

“Headphones have been used for entertainment and communication for nearly a hundred years. As the demand for personal audio has expanded from the home or studio to mobile electronics and communication devices, the design of headphones has also evolved. First, over-the-ear headphones became lighter and smaller. Next, in-the-ear devices became a popular method for staying connected to music and other forms of communication.

Despite significant changes to the form and function of music players and other mobile devices, one design aspect was not evolving: traditional headphones, which cover the ear, and earbuds, which are placed inside the ear canal, separate the user from their environment by drowning out the sounds around them.

Now, a new revolution is poised to once again re-define how personal audio is delivered. Sound band™ wireless headset fits behind the ear rather than in or over the ear, offers an entirely new listening and communication experience. Sound band users can conduct phone calls, listen to music, or perform any other use associated with traditional headphones, without eliminating the sounds of the world around them. From a passing car to a child’s voice, users are no longer forced to choose between their electronic world and their real world.”

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