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Slip, a Unique Minimal Watch by Nonlinear Studio.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Slip Watch by Nonlinear Studio

The Slip wrist watch is the first product released by Nonlinear Studio. It is refreshingly minimal watch with a distinctive geometric shape. Evan Clabots, the designer of Slip, takes the simple archetypal watch shape and puts it into motion with a slight twist. The skewed posture of the watch gives the modern clean lines a new “spin”. The watch is intentionally minimal, with proportions that are almost predictable, but this simple, minimal watch appears to have slipped on the band.

At the same time, a more ergonomic result is achieved with the face addressing the wearer with less turning of the arm. A continuous 1″ black leather strap slides through the back of the watch eliminating the need for removable pins that can fail or become lost. This slightest tweak has given a timeless form an intriguing character while giving you a watch that is easier to read.

Nonlinear Studio, founded in 2010 by Evan Clabots, is a multi-disciplinary creative studio that brings together a network of collaborators from a range of industries, including industrial designers, artists, filmmakers, photographers and architects.
In 2011, Nonlinear began producing a line lifestyle goods, starting with its launch of the Slip Watch.

Evan Clabots studied at both the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki (TAIK) in Finland. Before finishing his studies, he had received the Gersh Abraham Award for Design Excellence from Swingline and had licensed a product with IKEA. For Clabots, design is a process of developing a complete story. Form no longer follows function. Instead, there is an interconnected play between what something looks like, how it works and how it interacts with someone’s life. His process is driven by the question of “why something is?”, not “what something is?”. Each defining element in his work acts in context with the other. Together they form a cohesive and compelling narrative.

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