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Skitsch 2D LED Lamp by DING3000.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
2D LED Lamp by DING300 for Skitsch

The Skitsch 2D LED Lamp is an utterly minimalist LED Lamp inspired by the hand sketch of an archetypal traditional lamp.

It was designed by young and innovative German design studio DING3000 for Italian label Skitsch  and comes in three different versions, as floor lamp, table lamp, or pendant lamp. By employing cutting edge LED technology DING3000 designers kept the body of the 2D lamp as thin as is possible. In conjunction with the inconspicuous strips of bright LED lights the Skitsch 2D LED Lamp assumes the appearance of a sketched line with bright illuminated slices. A clever design with a sleek geometrical form that is sure to make a great conversation piece.

The body of the 2D is made of powder coated aluminum while the LED strips that are fitted in the structure and covered with an opal spreading. The 2D LED Floor Lamp and the 2D LED Table Lamp also have “free to turn diffusers” and integrated flexible joints that allow easy adjustment of the light direction without disrupting the utterly minimalist design. The LED has a life of 50,000 hours.

Is it a bidimensional or a three-dimensional lamp? DING3000 designers play with this visual effect. It’s not a drawing but a lamp that uses an innovative LED technique and the right dosage of humor.

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Nataliya 27/03/2015 - 17:13

Good afternoon. Vegetable for concern. Six months ago I saw on the photo in the interior chandelier (lamp) Skitsch 2D LED Lamp by Ding 3000. All this time I was looking for her. and here I saw on your website. Help, help! Do you have sold this lamp and how much it worth shipping to Russia. If not, maybe you know where you can buy it. we simply do not have these lamps, and I just loved it. Thank you in advance. with respect, Nataliya Prima

Andreas Rekopoulos 30/03/2015 - 16:05

Dear Nataliya,

Thank you for your comment. This is not a product we sell, but rather part of an informative article in our blog.

Our webpage consists of two sections the e-shop (designisthis.com) which contains products we stock and sell. And the blog (designisthis.com/blog) which is an online magazine were we present articles regarding designer products and arts.

We stock a number of products that are also present in the blog, but not this one I am afraid, so we cant comment on pricing or availability.

All the best


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