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Shadow Clock by Poetic Lab.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Shadow Clock by Poetic Lab

The Shadow Clock is a uniquely artistic wall clock by Poetic Lab that conceptualizes the delicate relation between time and light.

Poetic Lab is a London-based design studio, and as the name suggest it adheres to a design philosophy that is focused on the poetry of objects and materials. The Shadow Clock is an excellent example of this distinctive approach to design.

According to the designers “time is always closely related to light, either conceptually or experientially”.  What better way to artistically present this immaterial relation, than through a distinctive clock with intangible clock hands?

In the words of Taiwanese designer Hanhsi Chen the founder of poetic lab “It is the most intimate sense of time elapsing to see a beam of shadow gently dancing through the space. Shadow Clock is a lamp that utilizes intangible shadows to describe the philosophical concept of time, creating a simple object with poetic functionality.”

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Elisabeth De Beurs 04/03/2022 - 01:10

Waar kan ik deze lamp kopen ?


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