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Sectionimal Table by gt2p, welcome to the future.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Sectionimal Table by gt2p

The Sectionimal table was designed by Chilean digital design and fabrication studio gt2P, and is an extremely futuristic but clean design that would fit perfectly into an ultramodern space.

The Sectionimal table belongs to the Section family. It was created by digital modeling with parametric generative algorithms capable of section volumes. This table has a free volume sectioned and assembled from its manufacturing plans. The shape of the table is inspired by the graphic image of sound waves. The Design is original and sleek, while retaining its bold futuristic character.

The most impressive aspect of the design is perhaps the asymmetrical glass panel, which is transparent and showcases the complex and purely architectural structure of the base. Viewing the Sectionimal table from above is surely an impressive sight. Although unmistakably modern, this unique table is a versatile piece of furniture that suits many different decors and will impress the viewer, while remaining reasonably discreet.

The Sectionimal table is an interesting concept in that the software can allow the design of objects and define their shape in order to suit the specific needs of the interior space, while at the same time retaining an original style and appearance. We are also guessing that during the design process factors such as durability, sturdiness, stability and other parameters can be calculated and optimized using mathematical algorithms.

Currently this product is commercialized for the furniture and design objects store Sala Vitra, Santiago. In Mexico, it was awarded with the Design Excellence Award by the a! Magazine.

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