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Screw Me Floor Lamp by Jonathan Rowell.

by Anna Karataglidou
Screw Me lamp Jonathan Rowell

The Screw Me floor lamp by Jonathan Rowell is an honest floor lamp design that is exactly what it claims: a screw-able height adjustable lamp.

This feature is characteristic of the design that adds to practicability. The user can adjust the lamp to the desired height easily and painlessly, without even bothering looking for a switch, clamp, button or a printed manual. The Screw Me floor lamp just screams it at him. Soundlessly, that is.

Moreover besides the adjust-ability feature, the Screw Me floor lamp is an aesthetically pleasing design lamp that adds an industrial detail to any space, without making it look rugged. We really love the white and red color combination.

The Screw Me floor lamp is part of the Screw Me lamp family designed by Jonathan Rowell. Rowell is an American designer that believes in designing with the highest level of craftsmanship. He takes his knowledge of designing for manufacturing to create designs that are thoroughly detailed, inside and out.

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