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Saphirkeramik Wash Basins by Konstantin Grcic for LAUFEN.

by Anna Karataglidou
Saphirkeramik by Konstantin Grcic Laufen

World famous industrial designer Konstantin Grcic experiments with Saphirkeramik the new innovative ceramic material by LAUFEN and presents a beautifully minimal collection of wash basins.

The results of the collaboration between Konstantin Grcic and LAUFEN were three unique wash basins that were publicly presented in the Salone del Mobile (2014). The innovative material’s unique properties are explored in order to combine industrial design aesthetics with additional geometrical patterns and sleek finishes.

The traditional materials used for manufacturing bathroom equipment are very difficult to shape into geometric patterns. Moreover due to their inadequate rigidity it is very hard to create wash basins with thin walls. On the contrary these features are the best qualities of Saphirkeramik, an easy to shape material with superb structural rigidity. Konstantin Grcic created three different designs for LAUFEN in order to demonstrate the advantages of the new material. Even though these elegant pieces are meant to be used as wash basins, one can easily imagine placing them outside the bathroom.

Grcic visualizes unique elements in his creations that will make them stand out from the massively produced industrial products. The attention to detail and the patterned geometrical textures that serve as both functional and decorative elements are typical features of his design philosophy “Form Follows Function”. Each of the three wash basins has a distinctive geometrical shape: A circular basin with internal compartments, a rectangular basin with offset angles and conceptual wash basin that is a mix of the two.

LAUFEN is the exclusive producer of the Saphirkeramik material. Saphirkeramik features the main proprieties of all traditional similar materials and an important advantage. It is capable of forming thin walls and support really small radii on the edges. Traditional materials can be up to 8-10mm thin, while Saphirkeramik can support 3-4 mm walls. This property of the material presents new possibilities for designers of bathroom equipment, than can now create more delicate and complex forms, without sacrificing quality and durability.

Konstantin Grcic is a renowned and multi-awarded designers with a project range varying from furniture and product design to architectural related projects. He is the head designer of his personal studio KGID (Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design).

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