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Ross Lovegrove Rectangular Table by Knoll.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Knoll Ross Lovegrove Table

The Lovegrove Rectangular Table is a product of the well-known Knoll International and it is of course designed by Ross Lovegrove.

The design is a typical sample of Lovegrove’s work, characterized by a rounded shape with minimum edges, simple minimal lines and advanced manufacturing technology. The table board is made with Starphire™ glass, which has lower iron content than ordinary glass, making it more transparent and shinier. The basis consists of steel tubes, which are tangled together and they are available in a variety of bold colors.

Among the many interesting variations of the series, the most successful design is perhaps the version with the multi-color base. Its base consists of robin’s egg blue, rust, yellow and orange tubes, creating an unexpected and at the same time pleasant contrast. The Knoll Lovegrove table is characterized by a subtle elegance and is equally suitable for use as a dining table or an office desk.

In addition to the innovative Starphire™ glass the tabletop is also available in a variety of other finishes, namely: laminate, Panelite, bronze or painted acid etched glass in two colors. We think that the most interesting option is the Panelite material, which is made of translucent cast polymer. It has an internal structural honeycomb core, the integral resin edge exposes the honeycomb core and creates an eye catching effect.

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