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Paper-Cut Action Silhouettes by David A. Reeves.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Paper-Cut Action Silhouettes by David A. Reeves

Photographer and Designer David A. Reeves creates awesome paper-cut action silhouettes illustrating scenes inspired by popular action films and video games.

His paper-cut silhouettes feature amazing details and an ultra-realistic sense of motion. The paper silhouettes are then put together to form impressive action inspired sceneries, which are photographed and presented in a dramatic manner. Some of his most impressive scenes were inspired by Ridley Scott’s Alien, the video game Left 4 Dead, Thrice’s Night Diving, the video game Limbo and Batman. David A. Reeves’s unique paper cuts are cult, iconic and beautiful in their stark minimalism.

Each image is carefully layered and focused to create a pretty stunning depth of field including blurry backdrops of clouds, mountains or even the depths of the sea. For more info visit the artist’s website David A. Reaves

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