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The p_public team invites us to love public spaces.

by Anna Karataglidou
p_public festival

This summer, for the fourth consecutive year, the p_public festival will be held in the city of Chania, located in the Mediterranean isle Crete in Greece, reminding us of important issues that concern our use of public space.

The Festival, held under the auspices of the local Architecture Association, will last for two days during June 7-9, 2013. Its main program consists of individual, as well as group, debates and presentations of young scientists, authors and artists from Greece and abroad. Furthermore, the p_public team will organize a series of events and visual installations in the city of Chania, which aim to alter temporarily, and why not, permanently the urban and natural landscape of the city.

This year’s meeting of young scientists, will attempted to identify the influences that determine the current and continuously changing state of public space. They will debate on the effortless or sophisticated adaptation of public space to external influences and also, they will attempt to identify the internal relations of public space with other ‘structural’ elements of the city in order to estimate future tendencies.

The events that will take place during the p_public Festival, are designed to change the way  we all use, experience and understand the natural and urban landscape around us, in a way that respects the traditions and history of each place. The events include “artistic walks”, where artists will be able to present their own works, and the festival guests will be wandering in the city following a series of events and installations.

Detailed information about the program of the p_public festival, as well as general information can be found on p-public’s website and Facebook page

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