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Natsumi Hayashi, Tokyo’s levitating girl.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Natsumi Hayashi is a Japanese teenager with an ordinary hobby: taking pictures. But the special way of taking her pictures makes them really extraordinary. In her stunning photos she seemingly bends the laws of nature and looks as if she was levitating.

For some time Natsumi maintained her own photography blog where she was posting photos from her daily life in Tokyo. One day she posted a photo titled “Today’s Levitation” where she looked appeared levitating for the first time. This picture ignited a whole new concept and Natsumi decided that her blog shall become a “levitation blog”. In order to reproduce the result of that photo, Natsumi began practicing daily, by leaping and taking photos of herself. With a lot of practice she managed to reach a point where her body and face don’t look strained, and her hair, clothes and accessories aren’t flailing about. This technique conveys a sense of levitation and floating.

As she stated at an interview she gave to the British newspaper Daily Mail, sometimes it takes more than 100 attempts to get the right pose. The secret is in the body posture and movement of hair, as Natsumi should not look like leaping but like floating in the air. For example, there are many photos from basketball star such as Lebron James who make impressive leaps, but do not create the illusion of levitating in the air. Apparently Natsumi Hayashi has developed the ideal technique to achieve this impressive result which rightly gives her the title “Levitating Girl”. Enjoy some of her best poses further below.

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