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Mission One Electric Superbike by Mission Motors.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Mission One Electric Superbike

San Francisco-based Company Mission Motors made its mission the production of the first 100% electric superbike. Behold its first prototype, the awesome looking Mission One electric superbike.

There are already several electric motorbikes, but almost all are scooters for everyday use. The founders of Mission Motors wanted to take the concept of the electric motorbike many steps further, and began in 2007 to experiment with electric drive on a second-hand 1994 Ducati SS 900. After three years of experimentation and testing, the company is now very close to the production of the first model, the Mission One electric superbike.

The Mission One was designed by fuseproject’s Yves Behar and is powered by a liquid-cooled electric motor that generates 13.8 kg of torque available from 0 to 6500 rpm. Since the bike is electric, it needs neither gearbox nor clutch, full power is instantly available by just pressing the accelerator. Even though the bike is still under development the performance claims shatter conventional performance and range limitations in other electric motorcycle designs, displaying the incredible potential of the electric drivetrain in a motorcycle application. In this case the magic number is 241, as the Mission One makes incredible performance claims of 241km top speed and 241km range, and all that with less than 2 hours charging. Apparently electric motorbikes are going wild!

In terms of peripherals as expected Mission One is equipped with the best available parts, such as Öhlins suspensions, Brembo radial-mounted brake calipers and Marchesini forged wheels. However is is also loaded with a number of other high-tech features such as wireless data acquisition, enabling riders to download all and tune their ride via wireless laptop connection.

Mission Motors already accepts orders from potential buyers, it carries a $68,995 price tag and you would need $5,000 down payment in order to book one and be one of the among the first Electric Superbike riders.

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