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Minimalist Lighting, Rock Garden by Kazuhiro Yamanaka for Pallucco.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Minimalist Lighting, Rock Garden by Kazuhiro Yamanaka for Pallucco

Inspired by Japanese rock gardens, Kazuhiro Yamanaka designed a series of unique minimalist lighting. Rock Garden pendant lamps like archetypical sketches of sharp rocks invade space and illuminate the surroundings in a very impressive way.

In a Japanese Rock Garden the surface of the rocks is almost hidden and visitors let their subconscious conjure up submerged, invisible shapes and volumes. Each rock has its own inclination and character and the association between the different rocks creates a story.

Rock Garden is a lamp, which comes in a large version with a rectangular structure where various pyramid shapes are freely accommodated and a single spotlight version with a single pyramid. The user can combine many Rock Garden single spotlights and create his own composition, his extravagant rock garden.

Rock Garden ceiling lamps by Kazuhiro Yamanaca for Pallucco suggest a totally new proposal in the era of geometric minimalism. Each rock lamp has its own story and beauty  and when placed together, they form a relationship.

“Designers should contemplate the void that surrounds objects, the space between objects, and the relation between those objects. I believe furniture – chairs, tables, lights etc. – could be like a constellation of stars, and we could make lines to connect them three-dimensionally and thereby construct a specific story, As a designer, I believe it is a task to create the stories. To realize the concept effectively, I try to create a maximum impact with minimum use of material” – Kazuhiro Yamanaka.

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Steven Wong 12/11/2014 - 14:49

Where can I buy this pendant light? Can you please send me the quote?

Andreas Rekopoulos 13/11/2014 - 13:50

Dear Steven we cant promise, but we might be able to source this item for you.

Send us an e-mail please at (info@designisthis.com)

The small “Pendant Version” has currently “13/11/2014” a street price in the EUR 450 region. The large suspended version is manufactured on demand and we expect it to be considerably more expensive.


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